seacoast cat club

Concord, new Hampshire

5-6 mai / may 5th & 6th 2007

"ma première sortie et multi-finales là-bas"

"first time out and so many finales"

1st Place All Breeds
1st Place Long Hair specialty,
2nd Place best kitten,
6th and 10th Place best kitten,
5 finals out of 7


Canada's capital cat club

kanata, ontario

23 juin / june 23rd 2007

"la 1ere sortie fut très bonne, ma 2e fut un rêve..."

"1st time was real good, 2nd one was a dream..."

1st place all breeds

2 x 2nd place best kitten / 1st place long hair specialty

3 x 3rd place best kitten / 1st place long hair specialty

7th place best kitten

6 finales out of 6 rings

"just watch me now..."


New Hampshire Feline Fanciers

Bedford, new hampshire

28 juillet / july 28th 2007

Officiellement championne

Got officially her title of Champion


Pioneer Valley cat fanciers

Springfield, massachusett

11 et 12 août / august 11th & 12th 2007

pour son titre de grande championne,

Aiming to be a Grand champion,

a très bien performé,

made very well with

2nd best longhair

2nd best longhair all breed

3r best cat longhair

3rd best longhair all breed

8th best longhair


Pine tree state cat club

portland, maine

1er septembre / september 1st 2007

a fait ses finales et gagné son titre de

grande championne

en 2 shows seulement,

made her fianles and won her title as

grand chapmpion

in 2 shows only...


GRC sabby lady genesa


"ce gars-là me tire la queue, 'man...."

" this guy is pulling my tail, mom..."


"on me retient comme si j'allais m'envoler..."

"she holds me, i'm not gonna fly away, ya know...


"j'ai gagné ma 1ere place, et j'y tiens... !!!"

"i'm keeping it tight, I won that 1st place... !!!"


"qu.est-ce qu'il cherche, mon nez... !!!"

"is he looking for my nose again...!!!"



"fais la belle et joue... !!!"

"be a nice girl and play again... !!!"


"je lui ai tombé dans l'oeil, je crois...  !!!"

"i got her attention, no problem... !!!"


"jouer, la clé du succès pour une grande championne... !!!"

"to play is succeed, my recipe to be a grc... !!!"